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Hammer's House of Hog

Serving authentic Southern BBQ such as pulled pork sandwiches, rib-tips, smokey baked beans and slaw. A variety of house made sauces are available to satisfy most any palate.

  • Wildwest Fest - Okanagan Falls.  September 2011
Pulled Pork Sandwich or Wrap -
Hickory smoked pork shoulder with Hammer's special rub and choice of sauce on a fresh bun and topped with homemade slaw.
Rib Tips -
Taste temping rib tips served with KC Sweet and Spicy sauce or "dry". Something you’ll be sure to write home about - or maybe not and have more ribs for yourself!
$8.00 1/2lbs $15.00 1 lbs
Pork Shoulder Picnic Special -
8lbs pork shoulder cooked to perfection and ready to pull. Includes fresh buns, coleslaw and 4 sauces. Serves 12. Prior notice required.
Pig Out Party -
The Picnic (above) plus 3 lbs of Rib-tips and 12 portions of Triple S baked beans. Prior notice required.
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Bar-B-Q Baked Beans -
Sweet, smoky and spicy baked beans slow cooked all day over hickory wood.
$3.00 Small $4.00 Large
Coleslaw -
Simple homemade creamy slaw is the traditional accompaniment for barbeque.
$2.00 Small $3.00 Large
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South Carolina Mustard -
A favourite - sweetness and tang with some kick too!
North Carolina Red -
Traditional Vinegar and tomato-based sauce from the Tar Heel state. Watch out for the kick at the end!
Kansas City Sweet and Spicy -
Take your everyday store bought “BBQ” sauce and notch it up about 100 times, that’s true KC sauce!
Alabama Great White -
From pit master Big Bob Gibson in Decatur, AL. Great on chicken and most everything else. This stuff would make cardboard taste good!
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